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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome is a series of clinical symptoms caused by factors like wrist strain, direct trauma, wrist bone fractures, dislocation, malunion, hyperosteogeny, ligament hypertrophy,
ganglion and adipoma which lead to increased pressure on the median nerve and flexor digitorium through the tunnel. Clinically, this disease is mainly characterized by numbness of three and a half fingers, paresthesia of sensation, carpal atony, frequent occurrence among middle-aged or old people, especially among females.

According to TCM, this disease results from the obstruction of Qi and blood circulation due to
acute trauma or chronic strain, blood stasis in meridians and collaterals, or invasion of pathogenic cold, dampness and wind into the muscle.

Clinical manifestations of carpal tunnel syndrome

The onset of this disease is slow. Some patients have an acute or chronic injury history. The
early symptoms are soreness and distension of the wrist, gradually developing into symptoms of
median nerve pressure with signs of paresthesia, numbness and stabbing pain in the thumb, index
finger, middle finger and ring finger (three and a half fingers at the radial side) that radiate to the elbows and shoulders.

The symptoms are severe at night and in the morning; aggravated when the temperature of the hand increases and when the hand becomes tired and droops; alleviated after moving, swinging and lifting the hands. Fingers at the affected side may feel distending, stiff and cold with pale or cyanotic color. Other symptoms are thin white tongue, or light red, whitish or thin and whitish tongue coatings, taut and tense or tense and unsmooth pulse.

There is obvious tenderness in the carpal tunnel radiating to the fingers. Stabbing pain like
electronic shock can be felt in the thumb, index finger, middle finger and ring finger (three and
a half fingers at the radial side) when carpal tunnel is knocked.

The symptoms become worsened in 40 seconds when the wrist bends into a 90 degree angle. In the advanced stage, the symptoms seen are thenar atrophy, numbness, reduced muscular tension, loss or impairment of sensation in the fingers, and dysfunction of palm opposing function. The degree of muscular atrophy is related to the course of disease. X-ray examination shows no abnormal changes, ruling out bone lesion.

Treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

1. Therapeutic principles: Activating blood to eliminate swelling, soothing tendons and unblocking
2. Location of Acupoints: Daling (PC 7), Neiguan (PC 6), Quze (PC 3), Yuji (LU 10) and wrist.
3. Manipulations

Life-style recommendations

1. After each treatment, hot-wet compress may be applied to the local areas, twice a day.
2. Avoid over using the wrist during treatment.
3. Keep the wrist warm. Cuff may be employed if necessary.

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