Condition Treated / Emotional or Behaviour Conditions

Emotional / Behaviour Conditions:

Emotional or behavioral disorders can be divided into three groups that are characterized by:

  1. Externalizing behaviors
  2. Internalizing behaviors
  3. Low incidence disorders

Some emotional or behavioral disorders manifest themselves outwardly. Externalizing behaviors constitute an acting-out style that could be described as aggressive, impulsive, coercive, and noncompliant. Other disorders are more accurately described as "inward." Internalizing behaviors are typical of an inhibited style that could be described as withdrawn, lonely, depressed, and anxious.Low Incidence DisordersSome disorders occur very infrequently but are quite serious when they do occur. Consider schizophrenia, which can have tragic consequences for the individuals involved and their families.

Emotional / Behaviour Conditions

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