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Chronic lumbar muscle strain


Chronic lumbar muscle strain

Chronic lumbar muscle strain is accumulated chronic injury of the muscles, fascia, ligament, bones and joints in the waist. It is caused by working with bowing or squatting position for a long time, frequently over exhaustion of the waist, fatigue and improper postures of the waist during working, or anatomical characteristics and defects of the waist. It may also be caused by acute waist injury that is not treated in time or properly, or by sequelae of repeated injury.

The causes of chronic lumbar muscle strain are long-term bowing or squatting, frequently over
exhaustion of the waist, improper postures of the waist during working which may lead to the fascia
strain of the lumbar muscles, or fascia relaxation, or chronic laceration, causing pain of the back
hard to cure.

It may also be caused by delayed treatment or incomplete treatment of acute contusion or repeated mild injury, giving rise to conglutination of fascia which may linger and gradually develop into chronic lumbar pain.

It may also be caused by prenatal weakness with deficiency of kidney Qi and invasion of pathogenic wind, cold, and dampness factors into the muscles, tendons and meridians, leading to disharmony of tendons and meridians, spasm of muscles, tendons and fascia, obstruction of meridians and collaterals, and stagnation of Qi and blood, eventually causing chronic waist pain.

Moreover, lumbar congenital abnormality or anatomical defects, such as lumbar sacralization, spondylolysis, lumbar spondylolisthesis, lumbar kyphosis deformity caused by fracture or dislocation may lead to imbalance of the lumbar myodynamia or fascia strain.

Waist strain, the most commonly encountered kind in lumbago, is clinically divided into lumbar muscle strain and ligament strain.

Clinical manifestations

Lumbar muscle strain mainly refers to the chronic exhausted injury of lumbar muscles. The chief
complaint is pain of the waist, which is often vague, repeated and fluctuating, alleviated after
rest and aggravated after exhaustion. It can be relieved after proper exercise or change of
position. but it is difficult to bend the waist. The patient frequently pats the waist with both hands to relieve pain. A few patients may have distending pain in the upper part of the thigh. Weather change and fatigue will worsen the problem. Other symptoms are reddish tongue with thin and whitish tongue coating, floating and tense pulse.
The spine appears normal and shows no difficulty in bending backwards and forwards. Tenderness can be found in the sacrospinal muscle, back part of the iliac bone ridge, or
lumbodorsal muscles posterior to the iliac bone on one or both sides. The pain will be worsened if
the condition is serious with slight limited movement. Nerve system is normal in examination.
X-ray test shows the physiological arc change in the spine, such as lumbar lateral curvature,
disappearance of the lumbar lordosis, or congenital abnormalities, such as fifth lumbar
sacralization, first lumbar sacralization, cryptomerorachisis, or hyperosteogeny.
In clinic, it should be distinguished from supraspinous ligaments strain.


1. Therapeutic principle: Soothing tendons and activating blood, warming meridians and dredging
2. Location of Acupoints: Shenshu (BL 23), Dachangshu (SL 25), Guangyuanshu (BL 26), Zhibian (BL
52), Huantiao (GB 30), Weizhong (BL 40), waist, back, and lumbosacral region.
3. Manipulations


I . Keep proper posture, and correct habitual wrong posture in order to maintain normal physical
arc of the spine.

2. Take more exercise to train the psoas muscles.

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